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Does It Pay to Have Your Home Staged?

Does It Pay to Have Your Home Staged?

Should you have your home staged? Staging your home before putting it on the market can mean investing on the services of a professional home stager. If you do decide to stage your home on your own, you may still need to spend on such things as storage, professional cleaning, the right décor, and perhaps, even a few furniture pieces.

However, you can also benefit greatly from home staging. Here are some of the advantages you get:

Staging can help boost your home’s desirability

Whether it’s a buyer market or a seller’s market, home staging has become more important than ever. First of all, your competitors are likely doing it. Second, because of the popularity of home staging and interior design shows on TV, many buyers expect something that looks straight out of these shows when they go home shopping.

Several studies have shown that home staging can help you sell your property faster and at a better price.

  • The Real Estate Staging Association reported that staged homes can sell in as fast as 18 to 25 days, compared to non-staged homes that sell at an average of 107 days. This translates to savings of around $13,600 from mortgage payments and other homeownership expenses.
  • The National Association of Realtors (NAR) reports that a majority of agents thinks home staging has a positive impact on sellers
  • According to the NAR report, around half of the surveyed agents reported an increase in the dollar value of staged homes from 1% to more than 20%, with most cases of increased values coming in the 1% to 10% range.

Staging can make your home look good in photos

According to the NAR, 95% of buyers start their home search online. This highlights the importance of using outstanding photos in your listing. Home staging can make your home look like those properties featured in design magazines and interior design shows. When done well, it can enhance your home’s best features while downplaying the not-so-good ones. A professional photographer can then use right angles and lighting to showcase your home in the best possible light.

Staging makes it easier for buyers to see themselves living in the home

The ultimate goal of home staging is to make buyers fall in love with your home and want it to be their own. This means making it easier for them to imagine living in the space and seeing its potential. An empty house can make it difficult – most people need a model to see a space’s design possibilities. Conversely, a cluttered room with your personal photos, knick-knacks, and memorabilia can distract buyers from imagining living in the space. This is why decluttering and depersonalizing are two of the most important elements of home staging.

Staging can make a space look bigger and brighter

It’s not a secret that a bright, airy, and spacious home is far more appealing than a dark and cramped one. Home staging can help you achieve the desired effect in your home – even when you do have some size or lighting limitations. Using furniture with the right proportion to the room, minimizing clutter, adding mirrors and glass décor – these and more home staging tricks can work in making your home feel more spacious and inviting.

At The Gallagher Group at Southern Homes, we can help you stage your home as part of your listing services. We work with a professional stager and our broker Kris Gallagher has formal training in interior design. If you want to learn more, get in touch with us at 704.960.0009, or leave us a note here.

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