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  • Romare Bearden ParkRomare Bearden Park – Charlotte
  • Charlotte SkylineCharlotte Skyline
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County: Mecklenburg

Since the 1980s, Charlotte has seen a tremendous amount of growth. It is a major U.S. financial center and the second largest banking center in the U.S. Large corporations including nine Fortune 500 companies reside here. It is also a major center in the motorsports industry. In 2013, Forbes named Charlotte as one of the best cities for business and careers. National sports teams call Charlotte home, and the Charlotte International Airport ranks as one of the top 10 busiest airport in the U.S. Charlotte has a multitude of neighborhoods spread out in all directions from Uptown. Home styles vary from neighborhood to neighborhood and sometimes from block to block. This mix of old and new, historic and contemporary, means that whether one is seeking a luxury community life with world-class golf, or a hip and vibrant artsy community, Charlotte truly has something to offer everyone.

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Design Trends, Real Estate, and Paint Color


One of the great things about my job, is getting to see beautifully decorated new home construction.  What are the new design trends in residential real estate?  Neutral palates are still extremely popular.  In the model home below, gray tones with navy accents look clean and sophisticated.  If your thinking about getting ready to sell your home, this would be a super way to go!  Take a look…



Remodeling Projects That Will Boost Your Home’s Value

There are two ways to think about remodeling projects that will boost your home’s value; you can get one or two major remodels done or opt for a bunch of small fixes. Depending on your budget and your timetable, one approach may be better for you than the other.

For instance, if you have an unfinished basement, maybe your dream when you first moved into your home was to refinish it. It never happened. But now that you are thinking about selling your home, you feel that a prospective buyer would really appreciate a full finished basement. Is that the remodeling project that you should do before selling?

On the other hand, you want to spend as little as possible to squeeze as much value out of your home. Maybe you would prefer to just spruce up the kitchen cabinets or repaint the house. Whichever camp you fall into here are some remodeling project ideas that usually add at least a few thousand dollars to the value of your home.

Interior Improvements

Depending on where you live, some remodeling projects bring in more dollars on resale than others. Here are some of the interior remodeling projects that can help boost your home’s value:

Kitchen Upgrades: Potential buyers these days want spacious, modern kitchens. Simple upgrades like adding new appliances, granite countertops, or new cabinets can pull in the big bucks. Some big-ticket improvements that usually add value include:

  • Adding an island
  • Adding a breakfast nook
  • Adding new ceramic flooring
  • Adding accent lighting

Removing Walls: The style right now is open concept kitchens and living rooms. If you have an older home, you could knock down a wall or two to really open up more interior space. If they’re load-bearing walls, removing them will usually push the price tag up. But non-load-bearing walls are easy to take out to add a pass-through window or a bigger entryway. Use a professional contractor to make sure the job is done right.

Room Additions: Believe it or not, adding a new room to your home is not as expensive as you might think and can greatly increase your home’s value. Think about converting your attic into a spare room or building a new room addition onto your house. The added space increases the overall square footage of your property and will push your asking price up.

Exterior Improvements

They are often overlooked when making improvements to your home, but there are a number of exterior projects that can boost your home’s value. Here are just a few ideas for exterior improvements:

Outdoor Living Space: Especially in warm weather climates, buyers want a home with comfortable outdoor living spaces. That could mean adding in a slate patio or a wooden deck. Make your outdoor living space an oasis by adding in path lights, pathways, plants, shrubs, and trees.

Siding Upgrades: If you are making simple upgrades on the cheap just to spiff up your home exterior, a good paint job will do. To really boost your home’s value try adding new siding. If you replace portions of your siding with stone veneers, it will greatly improve curb appeal and your home’s value.

Driveways/Garages: If you haven’t paved your driveway in a while, new paving is an excellent exterior improvement that makes a good impression as soon as buyers pull up to your home. Your garage doors and exterior also make a good or bad impression. Even if you do not make any changes to your garage, you should clean it out and organize its contents for resale. Replace broken windows and locks and give it a good paint job.

A qualified agent with years of experience in the real estate market can help you determine the best improvements to make based on your particular market. When you’re ready to learn more, connect with me today. I’m happy to help!

Signs that Now is the Time to Sell Your Home

There are many reasons why it may be time to sell your home. You may need more space to make room for a growing family or you need to downsize after your kids leave the nest. Whatever your motivations, you want to make sure that you’re timing it right.

If you sell when home prices are plummeting, you may end up losing on the deal. If you sell when home prices are highest, there may not be a lot of buyers looking to move. So how do you know when it’s a good time to sell?

A qualified agent can help you determine if the market puts you in a good place or not. But for your own personal situation, here are the signs telling you that now is the time to sell your home.

You’ve Outgrown Your Home

Whether you are expecting another child, caring for an aging parent, or have taken in your adult children, when you’ve outgrown your home, it may be time to sell your home. Consider the permanency of the change. Will the kids be there for a long time? How long will you be able to care for your aging parent? Buying a bigger home is one of the main reasons why homeowners choose to sell.

You Need to Make a Change

Change is inevitable. Maybe you’re tired of shoveling snow and you want to live in a warmer climate. Maybe you have to move so you can go after your dream job or you want to be closer to family. When change entails moving, then a home sale becomes necessary.

Home Prices are on the Rise

This is one of the riskiest reasons to sell your home. Sure you may get more than you ever dreamed for your home when prices are on the rise, but that also means that you will pay more for another home. Perhaps your agent can help you find a steal in a new location where prices are more level. Then you will have made a huge profit and a smart move.

You Need to Downsize

Many homeowners are selling in order to downsize. The baby boomer generation is moving into their golden years. The kids are all out of the house and you just don’t need all that space anymore. Selling now could add a nice healthy sum to your nest egg as well. As long as you are smart about how much of that profit to spend on a new place, downsizing could be just the right move for you financially.

You Can No Longer Afford Your Home

Sadly, there are homeowners who just can no longer afford their home. Whether it is due to divorce, illness, a death, a skyrocketing mortgage payment, or the loss of a job, change in your financial circumstances is a big red flashing sign that now is the time to sell your home. Waiting any longer could have catastrophic financial consequences.

In any situation you find yourself in, an experienced agent is the key to helping you achieve your goals. Learn more about how to determine if now is the time to sell your home by speaking with agent now.

Tips for First-Time Homebuyers

Most homebuyers start the process anxious, excited, nervous, and some are downright terrified. It’s natural. A home is the largest and most expensive purchase that most people will make in a lifetime. It can either turn out to be a complete financial disaster or a smart long-term investment.

The person standing between it being a huge financial mistake or a valuable asset is you, the agent. Still, the agent can only help as much as the buyer allows. As vital as having an experienced agent by their side is, there are things that first-time homebuyers have to do.

Here is a list of tips to help first-time home buyers help you the agent do the best job that you can do. When you are approached by a first-time homebuyer, share this list with them to help them get off on the right foot.

  • Tell Your Agent Everything: You don’t want any surprises; neither does your agent. Let them know upfront about any financial issues on your credit report. Be as detailed as possible about your goals and be flexible.
  • Make Lists: Write out a list of the things that you want and a list of the things that you need in a new home. Share this list with your agent so that they can better help find what you are looking for. Update or add to your list as you think of things and share those changes with your agent.
  • Keep Notes: Your agent is going to keep solid records of the homes that you see. However you should also keep your own notes as you go to open houses. After each home, share what you liked and what you didn’t like with your agent. That will help him or her narrow the search down for you.
  • Organize Your Documents: Keep your documents organized and all in one place. If you have a pre-approval letter, keep that with you on house hunts in case you decide to make an offer. Any documents that you will need like inspection reports or appraisals should be readily available as you search for homes.
  • Stay Positive: Maybe the most important tip for first-time homebuyers is to stay positive. Even after you have found the home that you want, made an offer, and had it accepted, the process of closing the deal can sometimes take longer than you’d like. Stay positive. If you’ve looked at several houses and still haven’t found what you want, stay calm. Trust your agent to get it right for you.

Speaking with an Agent

An agent for first-time homebuyers is an invaluable asset. They can help you navigate the process when you are unsure of what to do next. You could call and speak with an agent if you have general questions. However, if you are ready to seriously start shopping for a home, you need an agent now. Feel free to contact agent with your specific questions.


  • ConcordConcord
  • Downtown ConcordDowntown Concord
  • Memorial GardenMemorial Garden – One of Concord’s Hidden Gems!

County: Cabarrus

Founded in the mid 1700s, Concord is nestled between the rolling hills and forests of the North Carolina Piedmont. Just 20 miles northeast of the Charlotte City Center, Concord gives residents a “small town” feel while being on the footsteps of the largest city in North Carolina. Concord is home to attractions like Concord Mills, Charlotte Motor Speedway, and the Great Wolf Lodge indoor water park. Concord is also home to the largest antique mall in the southeastern U.S. Residents are enjoying a growing nightlife scene, with an eclectic mix of wine bars, breweries, bars, and restaurants. Concord real estate options boast a variety of home styles including beautiful historic Victorian-era homes, restored modest textile mill houses, and modern upscale subdivisions. Whether you are looking for a vintage gem to restore or a move-in ready contemporary home, Concord is ready to welcome you!
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Mount Pleasant

  • Mount PleasantWelcome to Mount Pleasant!
  • Historic Mount Pleasant
  • Downtown Mount PleasantDowntown Mount Pleasant

County: Cabarrus

Located between the towns of Concord and Albemarle, lies the charming community of Mount Pleasant. Known first as “Walker Store”, Mount Pleasant is rich in history. It’s just 9 miles from Reed Gold Mine, the site where gold was first discovered in the United States. Not surprisingly, Mount Pleasant cherishes its history and charming character. It’s historic downtown streets are lined with beautifully preserved homes, and this quaint little town prides itself on being a model example of small-town America. Mount Pleasant’s close proximity to the towns of Concord and Charlotte ensure that countless attractions and activities are just a short drive away, and its location offers easy access to outstanding recreational opportunities including camping, fishing, and boating at Badin Lake and the Uwharrie National Forest.

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  • Historic Harrisburg Post OfficeHistoric Harrisburg Post Office
  • Restored Historic CabinRestored Historic Cabin
  • Harrisburg Park SystemHarrisburg Park System

County: Cabarrus

Situated in southern Cabarrus County, just north of Charlotte, the town of Harrisburg is growing rapidly due to its ideal location and surrounding places of interest. Harrisburg’s close-knit community feel, pastoral countryside, and dedication to preserving its home town atmosphere has made it a desirable location to live and work in, allowing its residents to enjoy it’s small-town character while being within 10-20 minutes of Charlotte’s universities, music venues, arenas and more.

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Mint Hill

  • Mint Hill NC
  • Mint Hill Historic Village
  • Mint Hill Quality of Life

Counties: Mecklenburg, Union

Mint Hill is situated near the Cabarrus county line, just east of Charlotte. First settled in 1750, it has become primarily a residential community. Recreational facilities, including country clubs, golf courses, and open spaces add to the charm of Mint Hill. Equestrian living is also popular here. Mint Hill’s proximity to the Charlotte city center have made it a popular place to relocate to.

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Lake Norman

  • Lake Norman Area NCLake Norman Area NC
  • Sunset at Lake NormanSunset at Lake Norman
  • Lake Norman BoatingLake Norman Boating

Counties: Mecklenburg, Iredell, Catawba and Lincoln Counties

Located only 15 minutes from Uptown Charlotte, Lake Norman is the largest man-made lake in North Carolina. Created in the early 1960s, Lake Norman is 34 miles long with over 500 miles of shoreline. Nestled on its shores are a number of small towns including the sister towns of Davidson, Cornelius and Huntersville, all within close proximity to Concord, and Charlotte


Established in the 1800s, Davidson, a lakeside town named after the college which it was built around, is a true Southern gem. The lake and its attractions draw people to Davidson, but this quaint downtown with shops and restaurants is an attraction all on its own. This pedestrian and bicycle-friendly town is wonderfully inviting, and one can’t help but want to stop and explore this small college town and all it has to offer.


Established in 1905, Cornelius was originally a farming community. After forming Lake Norman, Cornelius became a lakeside town, with a variety of parks, attractions, restaurants, and shopping for residents and visitors alike. Today, Cornelius boasts some of Lake Norman’s most beautiful homes in some of the most exclusive waterfront locations, epitomizing the word “luxury”.


Incorporated in the late 1800s, Huntersville has gone from a small community of milling and farming to a big town that is still growing today. Minutes from the shores of Lake Norman and bordering Charlotte, Huntersville is booming! Retail, business, and restaurants continue to move to the Huntersville area. Mixed-use developments like Birkdale Village have made Huntersville a progressive town with a multitude of new housing options. The thriving historic downtown recently added a Discovery Place Kids museum, and residents are in close proximity to recreational amenities like Lake Norman, the Carolina Raptor Center, and the Latta Plantation Nature Preserve.

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