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Amazing facts about Cabarrus County, NC

If you think that Cabarrus County is just your standard urban settlement, we urge you to think again. You might not know what you’re missing.

Here are five things about Cabarrus County that may just lead you to start packing and come to this wonderful slice of North Carolina:

  1. The first gold nugget was found in Cabarrus County
  2. The California Gold Rush is regarded as one of the most significant events in America’s history. But not many know that before California found gold, a gold rush was already happening on the opposite side of the country.

    The Carolina Gold Rush began in 1799 after 12-year-old Conrad Reed discovered a 17-pound gold nugget in their farm on Little Meadow Creek. The family used the precious nugget as a doorstop and only realized its true value after his father, John Reed, sold it to a jeweler three years later. After realizing that his $3.50 gold nugget was actually worth $3,600, John began mining for gold.

    Soon after, miners and engineers arrived in droves to the state in search of their own gold treasure. The site of the discovery is known today as the Reed Gold Mine, and it is registered as a National Historic Landmark.

  3. The county’s history dates back to 1792
  4. Cabarrus County was originally part of Mecklenburg County. It separated from Mecklenburg in 1792 and was named after Stephen Cabarrus, a Speaker of the North Carolina House of Commons. The county began its growth after the Reed gold discovery in 1799.

    When the Carolina Gold Rush died down, Cabarrus County shifted to textiles. Several large textile companies such as Cannon Mills and Coleman Manufacturing Company operated successfully until other businesses came in and hastened progress in the area.

  5. Cabarrus County is home to several historic sites
  6. Due to their significance in Cabarrus County history, several of the buildings and sites in this county were listed the National Register of Historic Places. These include:

    • The Graves Hall, Faith Hall, and the Leland S. Cozart House of Barber-Scotia College
    • The Bost Grist Mill
    • The South and North portions of Union Street in Downtown Concord
    • The Historic Cabarrus County Courthouse
    • The Mount Pleasant Historic District

    Another notable historic area in Cabarrus County is the Memorial Gardens. Formerly the burial grounds of First Presbyterian Church Concord, most of this beautiful landscape is now open to guided and self-guided walking tours.

  7. Cabarrus County is the heart of NASCAR country
  8. Auto racing plays a huge role in North Carolina’s history and culture. Even before NASCAR was founded, locals were already racing on dirt and paved auto racing tracks here. The famous Charlotte Motor Speedway was eventually built in Concord in 1959, ushering the state’s strong association with the sport. By June 19, 1960, the first official NASCAR stock car race was held in the newly-built motorsports complex.

  9. More than 1.8 million people live in Cabarrus County today
  10. When Cabarrus County was slowly growing in the early 2000s, it had around 147,000 people. Now, the county has over 1.8 million residents across its three cities, three towns, and twelve townships.

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